CTRU (Assault Team)
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TM EXFIL ballistic helmet
TM shock cord kit
TM helmet strap set
TM headset adapter kit
Tactical 6-S headset
Elite OPS helmet camera
SI sunglasses
X800 tactical goggle
Goggle cover
Goggle velcro retainer
Modern CTRU police officer life-like head sculpt
S2.5 BODY (in bendable muscle arms)
Bare weapon Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)
HKPC officer shirt
HKPC shoulder rank set (1 pair)
HKPC officer pants
Tactical boots (sewing)
CTRU 2.0 wolf grey tactical armor
CTRU collar armor protection set
Wolf grey admin pouch
Wolf grey horizontal utility pouch
Wolf grey small utility pouch
Wolf grey radio pouch
Wolf grey hydro pouch
Black tactical belt
Belt loop x 4
Belt loop /w snap hook
ID card pouch
Hand cuffs pouch
Hand cuffs (metal)
OC spray holster
HKPC MK-4 OC spray
9mm single pouch
CTRU medic pouch
CTRU tactical shield (metal)
Molle utility pouch
Gas mask pouch
Radio / water bottle pouch
9mm pistol double magazine pouch
MP-5 9mm drop leg double magazine pouch
Light stick (red) x 2
MS-2000 strobe light
Tac link carabiner
Tape roll (black)
Rotated baton holster
Expandable Baton (metal)
Plastic handcuffs x 2
Tactical knee pad (1 pair)
Tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)
G-Shock watch
Armor plate x 2
G17 9mm pistol
G17 9mm 17rds magazine x 4
G17 Pistol safety lanyard
Night-OPS XIPHOS pistol light (attach to G17 pistol)
CQC Serpa drop leg XIPHOP light holster
MP5A5 Sub-machine gun
MP5 blank firing barrel adapter
MP5 brass catcher
MP5 Surefire forend flashlight
MP5 Aimpoint mount
Aimpoint CompM4 red-dot sight
Front & rear sight cover
MP5 9mm 30rd magazine x 2
MP5 9mm 30rd magazine /w exercise red tape
HK 3 point tactical sling
Motorola MTS tactical radio 
Motorola MTS radio antenna 
Motorola bone conduction ear microphone and PTT switch
Microphone cable clip
Embroidered velcro name patch x 2
Embroidered velcro call sign patch x 3
Embroidered velcro HKSAR flag patch
Embroidered velcro blood patch
Embroidered velcro CTRU patch
Embroidered velcro ※POLICE§ patch