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HGU-56/P helmet
HGU-56/P maxillofacial shield /w skull custom printed
ANVIS NVG helmet mount base
ANVIS battery box
M45 gas mask
M45 voice projection unit
M45 gas mask tube
M45 rubber breathing hose assembly
Gas mask filter cartridge

Modern air warrior life live head sculpt

Bare Hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)

U.S. Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (OCP camo)
Rocky S2V vented military tactical boot (1 pair)

Gen III Air warrior harness survival vest carrier (OCP camo)
AW M4 magazine pouch x 2 (OCP camo)
AW Soldier computer controller pouch (OCP camo)
AW UBD bottle pocket (OCP camo)
AW SEA bottle mouthpiece cover (OCP camo)
AW blower pouch (OCP camo)
AW Radio pouch (OCP camo)
AW Multi-Purpose Pouch X2 (MPP) (OCP camo)
AW Tourniquet Pocket X 2 (OCP camo)
AW personal display module drop leg panel
Air warrior flexible body armor vest (OCP camo)
LPU-40 low profile flotation collar (OCP camo)
Emergency air system (SEA MK II breathing device)
AW personal display module (PDM) /w pen
AW Soldier computer controller
Sidewinder Military Tactical Flashlight
Strap cutter
Sewing GS/FRP-2 sage green nomex flight gloved bendable hand (1 pair)
Sand color rigger*s belt
Digital watch
Safariland 6004 G17 holster

G17 9mm pistol
G17 9mm pistol magazine
GLOCK tactical Light and Laser (GTL 22)
M4 14.5§ Carbine
M4 5.56 magazine x2
MATECH M4 backup iron sight
ACOG TA31-ECOS-RMR rifle scope
Rifle scope kill flash
UBR (Utility Battle Rifle) Stock
Removable stock storage doors x 2

Rank / name / etc with hook velcro sheet
1st Infantry div. patch subdued with hook Velcro
2nd Infantry div. patch subdued with hook Velcro
3rd Infantry div. patch subdued with hook Velcro
4th Infantry div. patch subdued with hook Velcro
1st Cavalry div. patch subdued with hook Velcro
US Flag subdued with hook Velcro